segunda-feira, 23 de abril de 2012

Poor families occupy abandoned public land to build their houses but are repressed by the police

In the first hours of last Saturday (April 21st), nearly 300 families, organized by the Movement of Struggle in Districts, Villages and Slums (MLB) and claiming the constitutional right to decent housing, occupied a large area in the city of Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais, Brazil, since the occupied land didn't fulfill any social function - as it should, according to the Brazilian Constitution - for the past 30 years.

Although this area was used before only by drug traffickers to sell drugs and to hide corpses of people they killed, the police showed up three hours after the beginning of the occupation and tried to intimidate the families.

Even a helicopter was used by the repressive apparatus. Many policemen had guns in their hands. The occupation's lawyers dissuaded them of using violence against poor workers, children, elderly and women, since the movement was pacific.

Although the occupied land is public and, as such, should fulfill a social function, the authorities said the land will be reintegrated to the state and the families dislodged, what will be done through violence.

For this reason, and to avoid a new bloodbath as recently happened in another occupation, the Pinheirinho, the MLB and the families urge for international support and solidarity, since a judicial battle will be fought in the next days, which will decide the lives of these nearly 300 families.

Below is the official website of the occupation (news, pictures and videos):

You can contact the movement through these channels:

+55 (31) 9133-0983
+55 (31) 9331-4477
+55 (31) 9716-5356


Long live the people’s struggle!

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  1. Daqui do mundo que nao se importa com a situacao do pobre brasileiro, estou escrevendo muito sobre a situacao do povo brasileiro. Uma situacao global. A situacao do Brasil e escondida das noticias internacionais, devido a grande culpabilidade envolvida por eles no Brasil. O Mundo e um Moinho, como o nosso Cartola, mas a verdade vencera.